Rifletalks.com for businesses

Do you have an awesome brand/product/service which you wish to let the shooting community know about?

Rifletalks.com for businesses enables you to maximise brand awareness incrementally over a period of time.

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Here’s why:

We can work with you to get your product known on the web through specialised content creation – mainly articles or short snippets distributed over a longer period of time. We are experts at creating & distributing content, generating quality niche readership.

Popular paid ads networks like google display network, Bing search ads and Facebook social ads do not allow the paid promotion of gun related material. Through optimised content however, we can reach your audiences.

What do you get?

i) Content

We are performance marketing specialists. We create awesome stories and highlight the useability of your products in a way which is enjoyable to your audience, targeted and goal driven. These are often detailed writeups.

You may also have your banner ads inserted in our content for a period of minimum 3, 6, 9, 12 months on specific pages.

Logo banner 100×100 (for Preferred partners only deal: option 4 below)

300×300, inserted in articles

120×600 (sky scraper)

728×90 (leader board)

970×90 (super leader board)

970×250 (billboard) (only for preferred partner on 1 year signup)

iii) Snippets

Snippets are pieces of content about your product or service that are inserted in already high ranking content possibly related to that niche service or product you offer. Think of these as text ads which may also contain pictures. They are limited to a paragraph of 100 words. Snippets carry the caption *Sponsored.

Why rifletalks.com?

At Rifletalks.com we understand that content is king. Users spend the vast majority of time searching for info making an informed decision especially on higher value purchases. Our content is visible to user searches 24/7/365.

Our experience stems from the digital customer acquisition team of an international tech company generating new business through online content in the US market.

We want to bring this experience to an industry we love.

Let’s discuss your plan.

We plan to get the best returns on the creation of the media and its long-term distribution. This increases the chance that the content produced has a long lifetime online retaining relevance and longevity with a higher chance of ranking for specific searches.

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How we get paid?

  1. Content creation – quoted on length and work/travel involved. See example
  2. Traffic generated to the page we create about you charged per unique visit. Minimum retainer applies.
  3. Banner ads insertions – inquire for more info sizes and packages. *preference is given to Preferred partners (option 4 below.)

4) Become a Preferred Partner:

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Preferred partners are businesses that signup for a minimum of 4 months to 1 year campaign on Rifletalks guaranteeing maximum brand visibility.

You get:

  • – Your logo visibility across ALL website pages as seen in the banner ad on main page above.(100×100)
  • – Your Product Banner on RT homepage (leaderboard or footer) 728×90
  • – Published sponsored articles (Max 1500 words provided by you)

1 article for 4 month signup

3 articles for 8 month signup

5 articles for 12 month sign up.

  • – Interlinking from high ranking pages to your sponsored articles
  • – Snippet insertions (these are text ads provided as a banner image)
  • – Inclusion in our mailing list.

banners to be provided by merchant in the dimensions provided by us.

*Strictly Limited to a few Partners annually.

Get in touch for pricing. (4 month, 8 month or 12 month package)

Should you know a business that may benefit from this exposure, introduce them to us for a 15% introducer fee once payment has been received.

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