Meet David Rey AKA “David la Mitraille”

King of 1 Mile 2023 France

– David Rey, My Extreme Long Range Shooting Story- The fastest ko1M shooter that earned him his nick name, “Machinegun David”!

David Rey King of 1 Mile
David Rey King of 1 Mile

David Rey, “La Mitraille” King of 1 Mile Edition – This is a special edition of of My Elr Shooting Story which by now has brought you some of the most talented ELR shooters around the globe and some more amazing shooters to come! Today we start with the King of 1 Mile who made an entry and quickly soaring to the 1 Mile throne with a very fast string of fire as you will see in the video further down.

This edition is special, we covered the King of 1 Mile in France at Camp Canjuers ourselves while we were there. It was our second time at King of 1 Mile, our first being Caylus. We enjoyed 6 days in France with four of them spent at this beautiful Extreme Long Range Shooting Camp with like minded ELR shooters. It’s a military camp, the largest one in Europe i’m told. It was a blast! We had the pleasure to participate and see how other European and American shooters do their thing at Extreme distances. We also had the pleasure to meet Jay Dvorsky from Texas, US that came along and shot his 460 Steyr with Benjamin Sanmarco.

Driving on towards the base camp for ko1/2m on a well kept military complex.

David Rey King of 1 Mile foreword

The 1 Mile competition is very important, it is achievable with most 30 caliber magnums, many shooters out there already have a setup that can do 1 mile maybe with a simple bullet change and it is a feeder competition to the 2 mile competition which requires another level of commitment in terms of ELR equipment. This was evident in the number of competitors. There were 110 competitors brushing shoulders for the King of 1 Mile title and 36 for King of 2 Mile competition, that’s about a third. Still very good numbers and turn out with alot of familiar faces and new ones which I recognised from my starting discipline, F-Class Europeans shooting at Bisley and some also coming from PRS and even 22ELR.

Driving through Nice, beautiful drive and scenery here. Highly recommended.

Special thanks

I want to also thank the organizers, Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta as well as Benjamin Gineste and Hugues Vogin that helped us while we were on camp with our many questions. Other shooters that we had the pleasure to spend time with and who were great company and source of inspiration like Jay Dvorsky, Fabrizio Giuggia, Bruno Put from Armeca, Olivier from TPM Balles, Stef Ber, Roman Ochaba, Francois Dreuil, Benoit, Marco Bean, Benjamin Sanmarco, Lema and Angel from the Spanish team, Harry Drescher from Solid Solution Designs that scrambled to get our DT 37XC ready before the Ko2M competition, Stefan Van der Heide, Maurizio from Little Boy Rifles that were a reference point for us during our time in France and especially before getting there. There was a real good friendly atmosphere! We shot for a short time but we spent a great deal of time with these people.

The famous guys from Group Mike some of whom we had the pleasure to shoot with in Italy at Extreme Shot Italia last year.

Above: Stefan Van Der Heide and Harry Drescher that placed 3rd place at Ko2m.

This King of 1 Mile competition is not just about the shooting as many other competitors will tell you. It’s numerous factors put together, quite different to shooting Fclass at Bisley for example. It keeps you on your toes as Fabrizio Giuggia put it. It gives you little time to prepare and you must be ready to go, on a range you probably never shot. Thursday afternoon we zeroed our rifles at 100m, this was the day before the shoot starts with 20 other shooters blasting away. It was hot and the gravel steaming, the 100m paper target was plastered with mirage. We shared one 2×3 foot board between 5 shooters and had a paper target each. We had 10 minutes to zero one rifle and another 10mins to check the other gun. Then you will be called up based on a raffle system which decides your fate in the sequence of shooters during the competition. Your rifle is weighed during the registration process which was also an opportunity to have a few corner pocket chats. We had not yet David Rey till this moment.

Trucks lined up at the 100m zeroing range at Camp Canjuers. Look at the number of pick ups in this picture, almost like a US based match.

You will shoot in any weather condition as long as you can see the targets and you have 9 minutes to do so with 5 minutes to get setup up on the firing line. No excuses, You must find your targets on this immense stretch of flat lands and you will engage when asked to start. The weather around you maybe hot or wet and you may wait a long time before your turn. You may have to wait to see if the weather will clear and then be asked to get ready. It’s as real as it gets and I believe will get any shooter outside their comfort zone, even the best ones out there with thousands of rounds under their belt. You have 13 rounds to make it count, 1 cold bore then 12 to count for qualifiers. Ready? Go.


You can only move to the next target only if you hit the target you are on. If you surpass the amount of shots allowed for that distance eg, 3 rounds for 1190m target, the other shots you take are there to help you make it to the next stage but they do not count for points. The point systems favors first round impacts. The points increase as the distance increases in such a way to increase the gap between one shooter and another.

king of 1 mile qualifying roundKing of 1 mile qualifying stage 2023 distances

It’s also harder for shooters to work out their exact ranking in the competition till the results are out. Then you also have the time factor. If you make it, you will go to day two which will be your final round where you will shoot 5 rounds per target for 3 targets. IF you have done well on day one and scored big points, it may help you on day two but we have seen shooters come crawling on day one and sprinting on day two to the podium as did David Rey, the King of 1 Mile in Canjuers. David Rey did this with a 338Lapua Magnum, the classic round is not dead.


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37XC rounds over this chronograph during zeroing session in France, 6 rounds of 37XC with 10.9ft/s Extreme spread. [The last two numbers are not visible due to the refresh rate of the screen and has nothing to do with the unit shown above]


Last bit, if you’re shooting both competitions, you will have to keep an eye out on what’s happening on the other side of the mountain as the shoots are conducted simultaneously and you may need to get ready for your Ko1m/Ko2m shoot when you’re done from one of the strings. There is no real time communication between the two shoots happening. This maybe improved for next year to facilitate those shooting both competitions.

WATCH David REY King of 1 Mile Shooting his Final Round 

David Rey was introduced by Benjamin GINESTE as the Prince of 22LR and he exited as the King of 1 Mile, WOW. Notice his rifle suppressed steaming after that fast string completed. He shot really fast or as Benjamin describes him “machinegun fire”. As they say, when you catch a wind condition ride it. Notice he shoots a right bolt action and uses his left hand for the trigger to enable him to cycle the action even faster, something we had seen Derek Rogers do as well on the Ko2M a few years back.

David Rey, how did you get into ELR shooting, which line of the shooting sports did you come from before moving to ELR?
David REY: J’ai commencé le tir en 2018 par la carabine à plomb 10m. Puis j’ai gouté au 100m avec une rpr en 308 . j’ai accroché et j’en voulais plus. Je suis partie en 2019 faire une formation avec Impact Formation pour apprendre la base et les éléments fondamentaux. En 2020, je me suis inscrit au premier Prince of 22 ERL à Caylus et je l’ai remporté deux ans de suis avec mon spotteur Thierry. du coup j’ai côtoyé les grand nom Français de l’ERL comme Benjamin, François… à les voir, ils m’ont donné l’envie de participer au one mile.

2022 au King de Caylus, je fini 7 ème. Avec Thierry et Patrick nous avons créé notre petite association Impactum. En parallèle pour la saison 2022/23, je participé au championnat de France PRA (prs) en finissant sur le podium et de ce fait , j’ai intégré l’équipe de France et j’ai participé au championnat du monde PRA. En aout 2022, j’ai intégré le mythique groupe Mike. Pour mon premier king à Canjuers, il y a 15 jours (mai 2023) , j’ai eu l’honneur de remporter le King en touchant 4 fois sur 5 le dernier gong qui était à 1819 m. C’était une première pour moi à cette distance.


I started shooting in 2018 with the 10m air rifle. Then I tasted the 100m with an rpr in 308win. I wanted more. I left in 2019 to do a training with Impact Formation to learn the basics and the fundamentals. In 2020, I registered for the first Prince du 22 ERL in Caylus and I won it for two years with my spotter Thierry. Suddenly I rubbed shoulders with the great French name of the ERL like Benjamin, François… seeing them, they made me want to participate in the one mile.

2022 at the King de Caylus, I finished 7th. With Thierry and Patrick, we created our small association Impactum. In parallel for the 2022/23 season, I participated in the French PRA (prs) championship by finishing on the podium and as a result, I joined the French team and participated in the PRA world championship. In August 2022, I joined the mythical group Mike. For my first king in Canjuers, 15 days ago (May 2023), I had the honor of winning the King of 1 mile by touching 4 times out of 5 the last gong which was at 1819 m. It was a first for me at this distance.

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Where about in the France are you based? Do you have access to ELR shooting grounds nearby? 
J’habite à coté de Marmande en France près de Bordeaux. je tire sur 4 différents pas de tir, de 500 à 2000m
EN: I live next to Marmande in France near Bordeaux. I shoot on 4 different shooting ranges, from 500 to 2000m
Which are the most important ELR matches in the US today in your view?
Raton, New Mexico
Have you won any ELR matches you can share with us?
Prince 22 ELR 2020, 2021 et king of 1 Mile Canjuers 2023
How often do you practice shooting beyond 1500m and what’s your favourite training round?
“Mon entrainement est surtout en 22 LR.” Je tire rarement a plus de 1500m. 4 fois en 2023
EN: My training sessions are mostly in 22lr. I rarely shoot further than 1500m, in total four times in 2023.
Which one of these describes you best?*
Can you share one ELR experience that really got you going in the sport? (success stories, a moment you remember well or a training experience that you remember)
Comme dit dans la présentation, c’est mon stage de formation qui m’a vraiment donné goût à l’ERL avec le fait de devoir prendre en compte tous ces éléments et paramètres ( balistique, vent, pression… ) il y a aussi le fait d’avoir rencontré mon parrain Eric.R . C’est lui qui m’a poussé à m’inscrire pour faire mon premier Prince of 22 ERL.
EN: It was my beginnings and formative stages that gave me a taste of ELR especially given the numerous parameters one needs to keep track of. There is also the fact of having met my godfather Eric. R. It was he who pushed me to sign up to do my first Prince of 22 ERL.
What do you look for when you set out to build an ELR rifle?
J’essaie d’avoir les meilleurs éléments afin d’avoir une carabine irréprochable.
EN: I try to get hold of the best components to have a superb rifle built.

King of 1 Mile 2023 qualifying round France 

king of 1 mile qualifiers France
David Rey Ko1M points

FINAL ROUND points for KO1M France 

Final points KO1M France 2023

Final points of David REY KO1M France 2023 

Now you have a bench mark, 15 rounds in 4.42mins at 3 distances to 1800m+ with a 80% hit rate in competition environment. Go get it boys!

FINAL David REY Points KO1m France 2023
FINAL David REY Points KO1m France 2023

What rifle are you currently running for 1-mile shooting and can you share some info about the rifle build?

Alors je ne tire pas au 2 milles. Pour le one mile, j’utilise une Dolphin en 338LM. Elle a une action barnard et un canon bartlein 32″.
I have not yet shot two miles, for the moment I’m doing one mile with a dolphin rifle in 338Lapua Magnum in a Barnard action and 32″ bartlein.
David Rey King of 1 Mile
Bedding: Is the barrel bedded forward of the action or is it the action only?
No it’s a chassis rifle.
Which scope are you using for ELR?
Cétait une steiner M5Xi 5-25×56 MSR2
How far out can you get with your setup before mounting a prism device?
How do you dial in the elevation required for 1 mile shots? 
-Zero offset system + dialing in

March Scope 5-42×56 FFP High Master

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March Scopes 5-42x56 ELR

5x-42×56 QUICK SPECS;

Apparent field of view: 26 Degree wide angle / First Focal Plane / 34mm tube / 1 Click =0.1mil / Reticles – FML-MT. FML-TR1. FML-3 / New Zero Set / Illuminated / Elevation 40mil / Windage 14mil

Learn more about this ELR scope at×56-ffp-high-master/
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Are you using an offset Zero system at 100m?
Do you use an adjustable mount or base?*
What magnification do you use for ELR shots past 1500m -3200m?*
What do you look for when picking a barrel for this sport, how important is velocity and barrel length for you?
Je cherche un canon bien rigide. Pour la vitessej j’essaie d’avoir une vitesse supersonique au plus loin pour éviter les turbulences au moment du passage en transsonique.
EN: I’m looking for a very stiff barrel. In terms of muzzle velocity, I try to have a supersonic speed as far as possible to avoid turbulence when going into transonic. 
Do you anneal your brass and if so how often? Do you find yourself trimming your brass regularly on these big calibers?
Pour l’instant non mais c’est un projet. mon dernier lot lapua a fait 12 rechargement. au 10éme, J’avais un SD de 1.7
EN: For the moment no but it is a next project. My last Lapua batch did 12 reloads. At the 10th, I had an SD of 1.7
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ARC Ballistics
We use ARC Ballistics various sized mandrels to create superb quality ammunition for 300Norma and 37XC. This ammo consistency was key to our performance at 1 mile bringing us to the 9th place during qualifying round.


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What’s your bullet of choice and how do you test your loads? Short range tests, long range group test, (ladder testing, round robin, any other method?)
J’utilise des berger 300gr. Pour mes tests, c’est à 300 et 600 m que je confirme ma précision. je ne pratique pas l’escalier car je travaille avec un tuner.
My .338 bullet of choice is 300gr Berger. I conduct my tests at 300m and 600m where I validate the precision of my rifle. I do not use the ladder test as I work with a barrel tuner.
What’s your powder of choice? Do you change the charge weight of your loads in winter/summer to maintain the same velocity/node?
J‘utilise la N570 et je ne change pas mon poid.
I use N570 and I do not change my charge.
ELR rounds can be hard on barrels and wear out the throat pretty fast increasing freebore. Do you chase the lands to maintain the same bullet seating depth as the roundcount increases?
Yes i chase lands
Solid Solution Designs is a one stop shop custom shop for ELR rifles and accessories located in the Netherlands. They are also a leader in procuring every specialized piece of equipment used for this sport in addition to organizing ELR training and shoots around Europe since 2009 through their sister site SSD also provide gunsmithing and custom rifle services with EU wide distribution.
Desert Tech SRSA2 Multi caliber platform with custom barrels by SSD in 6.5creedmoor in Digital Camo, 33XC olive green, 33XC diamond fluting stainless, 300Norma Mag stainless with black muzzle break and 37XC in stainless with the massive Warner Tool Company MOAB Muzzlebrake. WTC is represented in Europe by SSD.
Scope: March Genesis 6-60×56  next to March High Master 5-42×56 NEW ELR scope offering.
(editor’s note: Keep in mind that David Rey is shooting a 338Lapua Magnum that is not hard on barrels like some other ELR specific cartridges.)
Furthest Distance shot to date and how many rounds to connect?
(editor’s note: I believe this is the last competition stage at Ko1m France this year. Notice how we manipulates the single shot action. He fires the round, opens the bolt, ejects the fired round, places a new one on the ramp, awaits confirmation of target impact and as soon as he has that his bolt is closed and ready to go. He won’t let his round cook in the chamber, once the bolt is close, his round is on it’s way to the target.  He does not move from behind his rifle while doing this drill. This is the video sequence of what’s described above.)
How many rounds do you get for competition before you dump that barrel?
“Je viens de commander mon nouveau canon. Celui que j’ai à 1900 coups.”
I’m about to order my next barrel. This one has done 1900 rounds in 338 LM.
Do you use a mandrel to keep your neck tension consistent or bushing style dies?
Where do you see the sport heading? Do you feel we have more control over 1 mile shooting performance today from what you see at the matches?
C’est en constante évolution.
It is in a constant evolution.
Thanks to “Machine Gun David” for being with us on this Special Edition of My ELR Story, we have learnt something more from your contribution, well shot man!

Ko2M Video Benjamin Sanmarco

Wait till you see what 2 miles was like!


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