King of 1 Mile USA – Statistics behind the shooters and their equipment.

King of 1 Mile has become a has household name and with it other similar regional competitions that challenge shooters to 1 mile. We recently interviewed the founder of Ko2M, Eduardo who shared his views about why he started this competition.

“Push the envelope of rifle shooting, see what we could really do with a man-portable rifle in the field.” read full interview here.

Recently Eduardo, also founder of King of 1 Mile shared a pdf with all the data behind the Ko1M results. I decided to portray this data in a more user friendly way and turn it to graphs to trace some meaningful data for shooters in a way we can digest it so here it comes.

King of 1 Mile Cartridge list.

Topping the charts is the 33XC developed by David Tubb. Read about the 33XC in our article.

See the 33XC in action at Ko1m France. here

Not surprisingly, the legacy cartridge like the 338Lapua magnum hangs in there at second but has been completely our run.

300Norma comes in third place.Learn about the 300NM in this article. 

Need a platform to run all these cartridges any time? Checkout this Desert Tech SRS A2 with 4 barrels.

Ko1M cartridge list

Ko1M barrel length By cartridge

Wondering how long your next barrel should be? Well take a look at the most popular barrel lengths by cartridge here and the number of shooters opting for it.

Sometime back we asked 3 top gunsmiths why barrels burn out. Here is what they said.

ko1m barrel length by cartridge?
ko1m barrel length by cartridge?

Below you can see the bullet manufacturers and the most popular cartridges opting for that bullet manufacturer. Berger and Cutting edge are topping the list.

ko1m most popular bullet maker by cartridge


Ko1M gunsmith of Choice

Where do US shooters go to when they want to have their King of 1 Mile rifle built?

Ko1m gunsmith

Ko1M propellant of choice

There is no bang without propellant. Let’s take a look at the most popular Ko1M propellants of choice.


I also wanted to see which is the most popular powder by cartridge break down. Here they are.

Ko1M powder by cartridge


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Ko1M barrels by Manufacturer

Who makes the most popular barrels for Ko1M? The numbers below are a good indicator. Interesting to see K&P there in second place followed by Krieger barrels.

Ko1m Barrels by manufacturer

What do you make of these? sound off in the comments section below.


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