Extreme Shot Italia IV

Trapani, Sicily, Italy

Monday – Sunday

 7-13 October 2024

Register here

We’re Back with Extreme Shot Italia IV

Extreme Shot Italia III was a great event for the European ELR shooting scene in the ‘light’ category (<338) in 2023.

We want to make the 4th edition even larger so we are starting out early so you can make your plans from NOW.

We shall start on the Monday 7th October with our training days till Wednesday 9th October.

The competition will kick off on Thursday this time round to better accommodate the shooters we have coming.

The competition will take a maximum of 45 shooters (teams). 


This competition is open to licensed shooters from any EU country and world wide.

Below are some of the teams that we know shall be participating! Hurrah!

Will You be the Next Bill Tatham?

We have seen shooters make tremendous progress over the last 3 years and we can now say we are starting to see a line of shooters that consistently do well. Our friend Bill Tatham reigned the mile and the 2000m shoot in 2023. His 33XC performed flawlessly together with Bill’s performance and that of his spotter Godfrey Pisani. Will Bill manage to keep his pole position? That’s all part of the fun. We’ll see.

Bring your Fclass Open Rifle, place it on a bipod and make it count, no sighters, no flags. Your guts and your spotter is all it takes. Below you can see the winners of this match over the last 3 years,:

Gary Costello in 2021 (out to 1 mile). Fabrizzio Giuggia (2022) out to 2000m, Bill Tatham (2023) out to 2000m. 


Winner of Extreme Shot Italia II


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Shooting club ‘Poligono di Tiro CasalMonaco-Ummari -Fulgatore, Trapani together with the collaboration of Rifletalks.com Media is excited to bring you Extreme Shot Italia IV, 500m- 2000m, Extreme long-range shooting competition that will be held over 4 days between 10-13 October 2024 (Thursday to Sunday) in Trapani, Sicily, Italy. 

It’s all about team work! The Windcut Bullets Team here celebrates an impact at the 2000m target! Windcut bullets has been a sponsor of this match from day 1.

Extreme Shot Italia IV competition


You will have the opportunity to practice + competition or Competition only as per below:

Choose one of these options:

  • 1 week pass: Mon, Tue, Wed Practice + competition (€435)
  • Any training day + Competition. (Training day slots are €50 each + €285)
  • Multiple Training days + Competition
  • Competition only, get a 3-day pass (€285) starting Friday morning to Sunday.


The idea is to combine the opportunity to practice shooting plus the competition on the weekend.

Wednesday will be busier as more competitors arrive so try to take the Monday or Tuesday training slots. .

  • On practice days, each paying shooter has 30min string. You will shoot according to the time you select IF it is available. 
  • Time slots MUST be kept to 30 mins every time so every shooter has the opportunity.
  • If you do not turn up for your registered timeslot, it will be lost and your slot will be moved to another time slot if available.
  • If you have the opportunity to do a second run register for it. A shooter that has not shot, ALWAYS take precedence before a shooter that has already shot. 

We want you to get the possibility to exchange the miles you travel for more rounds downrange! This range facility was featured by Targetshooter magazine.

Learn more about this range in this facebook group Trapani One Mile Shoot Facebook Group


Broadcasting & Commentators

This match will be broadcasted internationally. All shooters during this match will be part of that broadcasting activity.

When you are registering for this competition, you are also accepting that your string and your performance will be broadcasted internationally.

If you wish to be a commentator during this event, please reach out to rod@rifletalks.com

Extreme Shot Italia Participation

We are looking forward to a great turn out of men and women that want to put into practice their marksmanship skills at Extreme distances.

We’ve seen a few F-Open Guns and hunting Rifles on the firing line and they did very well. Don’t wait to have the perfect rifle, it does not exist.

Bring your magnum rifle with you and give this course a go!.Our friend Gege La Barbera below did very well with his 300WSM on a bipod!


Registration is online ONLY using this form here. You may also register a friend, in which case please use his email address so that we will receive a copy of the details submitted.


Payment policy

Should competition need to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances that inhibit this event from going ahead, the amount paid shall be refunded.

Your participation will be confirmed when payment has been received. Include your name/Surname as Reference.

Payments can be made to A.S.D. Tiro Dinamico Casalmonaco, Bank: Unicredit, 

IBAN   IT80W0200881890000102496690 

The Full amount is due at time of registration. First come first served basis only. 

Registration and confirmation is limited to the first 45 paying shooters.

Cancellations are non refundable however we will give you a voucher to be used next year.


You may watch the match from any device using the link we will share on our social channels. Over 40,000 Viewers watched this match over the 3 days.

Given this is a private range, only firearms certificate holders are allowed.

Teams and rifles

Each entry allows for One shooter and a spotter. 

If the spotter wishes to shoot as well, he needs to register and pay as a shooter.

You may shoot solo if you prefer to.  


  1. You may only have one spotter during the competition. The spotter must remain with you till the final if you get there. If something happens to the spotter, you must continue on your own.
  2. The spotter can spot for two shooters max. You must inform at time of registration that you have a shared spotter.
  3. The same spotter cannot spot for two shooters one after another in case their names are drawn in that order. They will be made to shoot furthest apart.

*Sharing of rifles:

  1. A rifle may NOT be shared with another shooter.
  2. In case of malfunction or rifle causes safety concerns a shooter maybe disqualified.
  3. If you start a string with one rifle, you need to complete that run with that rifle.


You may shoot any caliber permitted in Italy except 50BMG on this rifle range. The competition is open to all calibers up to .338 cal (any cartridge with .338 bullet incl 33XC) however you may still bring larger calibers if you wish to practice on Wednesday and Thursday. Calibers exceeding .338 such as .375, .416, .460 must practice on the targets past 1500m. These calibers retain alot of energy and will damage the plates. STRICT ENFORCEMENT.


Sponsorships are the fuel of these competitions and the best support your brand can give to the ELR sport in Europe.

We do our best to maximize exposure via our numerous social pages and groups, online, streaming and physical advertising options.

The sponsorship options will be sent to prospective sponsors directly.

If you wish to sponsor this event and learn more, please email rod@rifletalks.com



Partners and Resellers

If you would like to resell this competition to your club members, your clients or NEW shooters to this range, please get in touch with rod@rifletalks.com

Course of fire in pictures

Extreme Shot Italia II

Extreme Shot Italia IV Targets

Targets will be laid out as follows. *Minor changes to distances may take place and will be communicated to shooters ahead of the match.

Shooters will know the time they will shoot ahead of the match via an online live draw as we did in 2023. 

If numbers exceed 30 teams, we will shoot 500-1340m on  Thursday and Friday morning.

Friday afternoon, we start shooting 1400m- 1640 and that will continue through Saturday.

Sunday we will shoot the finals, top ten shooters.




Targets will be metal gongs although other target types may be used by the organizers. 40x40cm qualifiers and 60x70cm finals

Firing point on competition days

A mat will be made ready on the firing point as well as a front wooden plank if you wish to place your bipod on it.

You may use any rear bag or monopod to support your rifle.

The bipod legs must be folding and up to 20″ wide when open.


Bipods should have ski feet or rubber feet no larger than 3 inches. No Fclass type bipod permitted.

No mechanical rear rests. Bipod extensions are permitted if you can make weight with them. (12Kg all in)

David Rey King of 1 mile 2023



Sound moderators are not allowed in Italy therefore cannot be used or possessed while you are in Italy. Muzzle brakes are allowed.

Extreme Shot Italia Firing points 

There are 3 ranges that will be open.

A)     The 90m covered firing point at the zero range located near the club house.

extremeshot one mile italia zeroing range
90m zeroing range

B)     1640m Firing point located further up the hill over the valley from which you start shooting  500- 1640m.


D) The 2000m spot crosses two valleys. It maybe open for training on Wednesday afternoon for practice. It will be confirmed closer to the days of competition.

No other distance can be shot while 2000m shooting is underway. If firing has already commenced at the 2000m point, you will not be allowed to travel from the range office to the firing point for safety concerns.


*Large caliber rifles exceeding 338 but smaller than 50bmg can be shot on training days. These calibers must be shot at the 1500m target and onwards.

Shooting shorter distance plates than 1200m will get you DISQUALIFIED.

Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th Oct. Practice Days

(Possible only if you purchased Monday / Tuesday + competition or 5 day pass.)

08:30- 18:30 (12:30-13:30 break)

Possibility to zero your rifles, tweak your loads, test out a string on the gongs from the upper shooting point at 1600m. It’s your day at the range. Shoot from the ground only.  

Strictly 30 min per session


Wednesday 9th Oct. Practice Day (possible only if you purchased Wednesday + competition or 5 day pass.)

08:30- 18:30 (12:30-13:30 break)

Possibility to zero your rifles, tweak your loads, test out a string on the gongs from the upper shooting point at 1600m. It’s your day at the range. Shoot from the ground only.  

Strictly 30 min per session


The 2000m firing point will be open on the afternoon. If possible, we will try to open the 2000m firing point on both training days. All other ranges will be closed during 2000m shooting.

Thursday 10th October – START OF COMPETITION

Day 1 of Competition Extreme Shot Italia IV – 500m – 1340m 

08:30 – 18:30 

12 min allowed per shooter for his qualifying string. (Cold bore + 4 targets x3 shots = 14 shots total)

Rifles and bipods shall not exceed 12kgs for this competition.

Bolts must be OPEN at all times with a flag in the chamber, no exception.

Friday 11th October –

Day 2 of Competition Extreme Shot Italia IV – 500m – 1340m 

Time allowed

12 min allowed per shooter for his qualifying string. (Cold bore + 4 targets x3 shots = 14 shots total)

Your number will be written on your access badge. 

There will be only one shooter firing at any instance

The next competitor will make himself ready on the right-hand side and has 5 minutes to get ready.

Once one shooter is done, the next shooter will start his string.

The referee will instruct when shooter must start his string to stay on time.

Friday afternoon: Shooters will start the second string from 1400m – 1640m


Competition starts at 08:30 sharp. 12 min allowed per shooter for his qualifying string. (3 targets x5 shots = 15 shots total)

The competition will continue during the lunch break with the remaining shooters covering the targets to 1 mile.

By Saturday evening, all shooters must have shot all targets to 1 mile.



Finals will start at 08:30 – 11:00

12:00-13:00 Winners Ceremony.

The top 10 shooters will engage the 1860m 3 times and the 2000m target 5 times.

7 min allowed per shooter. 

Please Be on the range by 07:30.

No one will be allowed to drive up to the 2000m point once shooting has started.


Live Video Area

A dedicated area will be setup to welcome the shooters, spotters and their friends to watch on the big screen in shelter.

This worked well in 2023 and will be maintained.

*Course of Fire and points for Qualifying stage

  1. The Cold bore target is one shot. It carries 3x its distance in points.
  2. The next four targets are 3 rounds each. First round hit carries 3x distance, 2nd round hit carries 2xdistance and third round hit carries 1x distance.

If you miss all 3 rounds, you go to the next target with the same point system.

3. *The targets between 1400 and 1640m carry 5xdistance, 4x distance, 3x distance, 3x distance, 3x distance in points.

The top 10 shooters will proceed to the final stage on Sunday.

The 3 shots at 1800m have the same points system as indicated for targets 1400 – 1640m.

The 5 shots at 2000m have the same points system as indicated for targets 1400 – 1640m.


  • In case shooters have equal points, the ones with the highest number of first round hits on each stage proceeds to the finals.
  • In case of an equal number of first round hits, the shooter with a first round hit on the furthest target proceeds to the finals.

The first 3 shooters with highest number of points at 1 mile(1640m) and 2000m will be awarded.

The winner will be the shooter with highest score out to 2000m.

**The changes in the point system will increase the gap between one shooter and another.

Qualifying stage (Thurs, Friday, Saturday)

Over these three days, the shooters will engage all targets to 1 mile. The top 10 shooters will proceed to the 1860m & 2000m target on Sunday.

13x rounds

Stage 1: Shot #1: Cold bore shot

Stage 2: Shot #2-4: Start of string @ approx. 600m

Stage 3: Shot #5-7: @ approx. 790m

Stage 4: Shot #8-10 @approx. 1190m

Stage 5: Shot #11-13 @approx. 1340m

(END of 12 Minute string for 13 shots)


Round 2 of qualifiers

15x rounds in 12 mins 

Stage 7: Shot #14-18 @1400m 

Stage 8: Shot #19-23 @1520m 

Stage 9: Shot #24-28 @ 1640m 

Shooters must shoot 5 rounds per target and 15 rounds in total.

(END of 12min string)


Sunday – FINALS

*The top 10 shooters will engage the 1860m target 3x and the 2000m target 5x in 7 minutes.

Target size 70x80cm. Points: 5x distance, 4x distance, 3x distance, 3x distance, 3x distance.

  • The competitor with the highest number of points out to 2000m wins the match.
  • In case of equal points, the shooter with most hits at 2000m wins.
  • In case the shooters both have equal number of hits at 2000m, the shooter with the highest number of first round hits on each stage wins.
  • The competitor with highest number of points out to 1 mile will also be awarded.


One referee will be in charge of the match assisted by 2 other team members. Spotting scopes as well as cameras will be used. Referee’s decision will be final in every circumstance.

The referee will indicate when a competitor should start his string.

*In cases where a competitor is made to stop shooting due to technical fault in cameras/ screens or related item or range safety issue,

the time will restart from where you left off. If more than 5 minutes have elapsed since you were stopped, 1 sighter will be given. 

If there are any dubious shots, the referee will decide an appropriate time to watch that shot again and decide on it.

No sighters are given in case of firearm malfunction, the time will keep going as usual.


Ryan Cheney ELR 100m zero offset

Qualifying stage 1 – 13x rounds should be placed in the container for ammo near the shooter for referees to see.

Qualifying stage 2 – 15x rounds will be placed in the ammo container for referee to see.

Finals – 8x rounds.

How many rounds do I need for the competition?

36 rounds in total plus training days.

In case of ammunition malfunction, time shall not stop therefore watch your loads. In case of malfunction of ammo, competitor must notify range officer so the round can be cleared.


extreme shot italia ii

Any optical sights maybe used for spotting and shooting except for digital scopes which workout the computation themselves.

Weather meters and ballistic solution devices like kestrel maybe used behind shooter.


Gazebos will be made available for competitors. You may always bring your own with you and as the organizers where you may set it up.

Range Layout and map

This range enjoys natural enclosure by rocky cliffs on one side. Nevertheless, all rifles must point at the target before the bolts are closed. This is a very important safety consideration as if you are shooting at Bisley.

The range is a private club not a military venue. It is critical that all participants adhere to this requirement.

Safety breaches are taken seriously and shall be asked to leave the range, no exceptions.

Magazines shall be empty at all times and out of the rifles except when the range is hot and you are allowed to shoot.

Licenses & Documents

In the application form Registration Form you may upload your national license documents. Up to 5 documents can be uploaded here.

This is required to issue you with an invitation to be able to enter Italy with your firearm as well as your European Firearm pass. It is also required for the insurance coverage of the range.

The invitation will be issued according the the data you have submitted in the form.

For NON EU participants, please make sure you have updated the firearm details correctly in the submitted registration form.

Besides the invitation, we will issue you with a document stamped by the club and the police which we will send you so that you will be able to show it on arrival at the airport/border.

Update Your Entry Form Details

To update your entry form, go to your inbox using the email you registered with and search for the following “Google Forms – Extreme Shot Italia IV”

You may then edit the entry if you need to update any details.

Remember you can carry only 5kg of loaded ammunition with you in Italy.


Here is a list of accommodation providers. You may wish to select rates that favour cancellation options and take out travel insurance.
















Travelling by boat to Extreme Shot Italia? 

*Verify carriers policies when travelling with firearms


Things to do near Trapani, Sicily

Trapani enjoys some of the best eateries in Sicily as well as beautiful touristic towns that are beautifully maintained offering something for all the family at a very reasonable price. Seen below is the marina at Castellammare del golfo, peppered with nice resstaurants around the Citadelle. The food is some of the best you will treat yourself to.

Food is a religion around here. The clock seems to tick according to the gastronomic tempo. Here’s a nice pesto dish we had prepared for us by Antonio at Arcudaci Agriturismo just minutes from the range! Antonio runs this lovely place. He may be reached on +39 328 362 8061

This coupled with beautiful Agriturismo (holiday rentals in the countryside) makes for a great vacation for the whole family if you so decide to bring them over. A late afternoon stroll we took at Castellammare while spoilt for choice for a restaurant. We had a great day at the range then concluded it with a nice bottle of red wine there:)

Here’s an amazing Fiorentina we had at ‘I Sapori di Sicilia’, a steakhouse located just minutes from the harbour as you enter Castellammare.

Arcudaci Agriturismo Trapani Sicily

We visited a few idyllic places ourselves to be able to show you what awaits you in Trapani just 30min drive from Poligono Casal Monaco where the competition will be held. After your training you may take the car and drive down to these seaside towns for a well deserved break.


Castellammare del golfo

Some places you may want to visit whilst here


Castellammare del Golfo

Isole Egadi (3 islands) you can take a ferry there that takes 45min. Worthwhile visiting.

Castellammare del Golfo

Riserva dello Zingaro (best accessed by boat)

Arcudaci agriturismo

Mazzara del vallo – another seaside resort located just before Castellammare.

Italian Version. (will be up shortly)

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