Cold Shoot ELR shooting to 2100meters

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📍 Livorno is a quaint Italian port city on the west coast of Tuscany. Tuscany brings good vibes and brings to mind picturesque rolling hills that are more often than not a reminder of awesome family holidays, road trips or romantic getaways. It’s known for its seafood, Renaissance-era fortifications and modern harbor with a cruise ship port. That’s cool hey, but that’s not the full picture. There’s more and it gets better!

Cold Shoot EXLRS Italia

Livorno is also host to one special gathering for European ELR rifle shootersEXLRS ITALIA COLD SHOOT and EXLRS ITALIA HOT SHOOT.  Among some other things, two things don’t disappoint in Italy, the food, the wine and the weather especially if you’re further south. However we can now probably also add the rifle shooting to the list. Boasting a natural landscape which serves itself well as a backstop, some parts of Italy also present some great long range, ultra long range and ELR shooting possibilities and the Italians are keen to improve this. The Italian shooting scene today enjoys some very talented rifle builders as well as customizes and passionate craftsmen. It is also surrounded by adjacent European countries that do not have any of these opportunities making Italy a veritable pull factor for the countries on its borders. Lured by these ELR opportunities, great food and socializing, the stage is set!

Cold Shoot ELR shooting to 2100meters
Setting up the rifles for a 2000m+ Shot at this beautiful range in Northern Italy. Where’s the Dinty Moore can? 🙂

Remember that shot that started it all? (from the movie Shooter)

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While everyone plans their yearly calendar and then some more, our friends at have been busy planning out the ‘Cold Shoot’. This event takes place in the winter months of February or March and this year we have been invited to attend.

You may register here

What’s special about 2100m+ Shooting?

We shall be expecting beautiful rolling hills and an even better line up of custom built rifles as well as tuned up high end factory rifles with custom barrels, high end optics, spotters and all sorts of gadgetry. Above all we hope to meet some of the finest European shooters at this Cold Shoot gathering. It is an excellent place to test most rifle calibers in their transonic and subsonic range and collect real world data while comparing it to our kestrel weather meters with applied ballistics. This enables us to gather some very important data which we will then use in future competitions.

Cold Shoot ELR shooting to 2100meters
Rifles perched on a hill top over looking the rolling hills in the foreground. EXLRS club holds shoots in various locations in Europe. Seen here during a shoot in France.  EXLRS Cold Shoot 15-16 March 2022 will be equally panoramic.

The Organizers of Cold Shoot EXLRS Italy

The organizers, Harry and Peter are both European fanatics of ELR shooting as well as building numerous ELR rifles for their clients in central and southern Europe. Their passion combined with their business networks enables long range and ELR shooters to access some of the best products in the industry through The latter build custom rifles as well as imports the parts required to build these high end rifles. It is a niche they’ve been growing for years now.

Cold Shoot ELR shooting to 2100meters
Pieter and Harry – the Dutch organizers of Cold Shoot EXLRS

We had missed the ‘Hot Shoot‘ later last year while preparing for Extreme Shot One Mile Italia and working up our Desert Tech 33XC Rifle to get it tuned up so when Harry dropped me a line to say, Cold Shoot EXLRS Italia is On, I knew we had to be on this trip! For us it will be a  2700km round trip and probably close to 3000km by the time we return back. ELR shooting has been picking up fast, our online community group for 1 mile shooting in Italy is also growing every day!

Cold Shoot ELR shooting to 2100meters
Zeroing the rifles before the shoot after a long drive. This was in August 2021

EXLRS Daniel Valkyrie

Distance is not enough to stop us or any one of the passionate ELR shooters attending ‘Cold Shoot’. While the name implies and should give some sense to the environment we are about to experience in Northern Italy, it will stand in contrast to the line up of hot rifles and kit that various European shooters will be bringing with them to Italy after a few months gathering dust in the gun rooms. While Europe starts to ease its COVID restrictions, events like these will spring to life again.

Rifles at Cold Shoot EXLRS Italia

Here are some of the Rifles and Kit that will be available for you to see in action.

Desert Tech SRS A2 in 33XC – read review here 

desert tech 33xc

If you have never heard of the 33XC rifle cartridge by David Tubb, I Suggest you read more about it here and find out about the competitions it has been winning in France, Italy and USA. It’s a 338Lapua mag on steroids with 114-120grains of N570 for 33XC and 37XC.

On the web page of Extreme Shot One Mile Italia, you can see some videos of the 33XC winning string at this competition held last September by UK Fclass champion Gary Costello, running the 33XC in comp. Snippet below. Competition will be on again coming September 2022.

March Genesis 6-60×56 and Genesis Mini.

These scopes will get a first outing here in Italy together with a few others.

March Genesis Scope Mini
March Genesis Mini Rifle Scope for ELR. We shall be running in our March Genesis 6-60×56 for the first time.

Cheytac M200 at EXLRS Hot shoot. The rifle that started it all shown below.

Cheytac M200 at EXLRS Hot sHoot

cheytac m200

Vincenzo from Talon Advanced Factory lining up behing the M200! Now that’s some serious kit there.The Cold Shoot EXLRS event has been booked since Harry mentioned it however you may still inquire to find out if there have been any last minute cancellations.

375 cheytac DTA HTI
375 Cheytac DTA HTI owned by Harry Drescher himself and a popular switch barrel platform for many European ELR shooters. I ended up going with the DTA SRS A2 which enables me to go from 6.5creedmoor to 37XC! The 37XC is our new incoming cartridge for the Desert Tech. Let’s see who is bringing one with him!
Fortmeier ELR rifle at Hot Shoot
Fortmeier ELR rifle at Hot Shoot

Read about the 300 Norma Magnum RPA Range Master . How will the Norma do at 2000+m? We had already gave it a run at this distance at Cold Bore range in Denmark.

RPA Range Master 300 Norma mag
RPA Range Master 300 Norma mag

📣Cold Shoot Event Overview

Here’s an overview of what Peter and Harry have in store for us as per the ticket info on their website. We hope to see you there and stay tuned.📣

Who: 2x EXLRS instructors, up to 25 shooters from all over Europe.
What: Shooting ELR with your own rifle(s) and ammunition.
When: 15-16 March
Where: Near Livorno, Italy. Location details to follow by email.
Why: to train ELR-shooting, test your latest gear, watch top shooters shoot ELR and make friends for life.
How: EXLRS will organize the overall event, arrange shooting instructors to help in case of challenges and will run the range in a safe manner. There is mandatory safety brief and it will be held in the hotel. A second mandatory range safety brief will be on the shooting range at the first shooting day, typically at 0900.

Shooting distances
FFP 1/Camp 1: targets at four different target areas: 300-750, 250-600, 570-970 and 1000-1200 meters.
FFP 2/Camp 2: targets at 1200, 1550, 1650, 1750, 1850, 1950, 2100 meters.



The famous EXLRS Cold shoot event is a classic and has been enjoyed by many serious shooters from all over Europe. High quality gear, top-shooters and a phenomenal shooting range with targets up to 2100m+. It is an event we are very proud to organize.

Tickets are valid upon receipt of payment.
Tickets do not include travel/food/drinks (BYO).

Coordinating instructions:
At least 10 shooters are required for this event to take place.
For each participant an official government issued gun license in home country is required.
EXLRS will not rent out weapons for this event.
EXLRS does not organize the travel to and from the event but is always willing to assist and provide information in order to help. Travelling legally with firearms and ammunition is the shooter’s own responsibility.
EXLRS will extend an invitation for the event by email for this event.
Potentially, a limited amount of ‘reserve tickets’ will be made available in order to create a shortlist of backup shooters in case a shooter within the initial group of 25 participants for some reason is unable to participate in the event. If a reserve ticket is not used, a full refund will be provided.

EXLRS requires all participants to:
– Perform a covid self-test before travelling to the event. The test should be no older than 48 hours.
– Proof of vaccination (sent per email).
– Proof of recovery (if COVID-positive in the past, sent per email).
In case a participant is covid symptomatic, becomes ill, has flu-like symptoms or if appears to be in a weak physical state; the shooter will not be allowed to continue/participate in the event. Italian national COVID regulations and standard mitigations apply:
– Maintain 2 meter social distance.
– Wash hands often and thoroughly multiple times per day.
– Avoid groups of people as best as you can.
In case of conflicting information/messages given by different countries/organizations/people: use common sense and keep yourself and those around you safe.

As in previous years EXLRS recommends the MAX hotel for the duration of the event. The ‘MAX Hotel Livorno’ is a 4-star hotel at 20 mins drive from the shooting range. If a participant chooses a different hotel, please remember/consider the two mandatory safety briefings.

The EXLRS -One Mile Club- is powered by SSD

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